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CRISIS : Masumul Alam (Translated by: Shuhrid Shahidullah)

CRISIS : Masumul Alam (Translated by: Shuhrid Shahidullah)


Nurulla has been suffering from anorexia lately.

Today, he could take only a few cups of tea and a burger around the noon time. While he was departing after the tuition, his student’s mother reminded him that his eyes were getting yellowish… He smiled when the lady went away without completing her sentence. Did the lady, like Shyamoli, want to indicate jaundice? He was extremely hungry on his way to their home around 10 pm. He was encouraging himself, ‘very close, will be home soon’ and was continuing his walk after tightening his waist-belt by two holes. He had still 5 taka in his pocket though. . ….And he cleaned himself quickly to eat. He swallowed two plates of rice even with tasteless two curries. After a loud burp, he desired to enjoy a cigarette.



He reminds himself of the job interview scheduled tomorrow while placing his body beside his sleeping younger brother. But he immediately invests his whole willpower to forget that. The younger moves aside. He needs two-three tuitions more or a ‘job’ in this helpless situation. He simply cannot bear the apathy shown to him by his eldest brother and his wife. Shaymoli, sister-in-law of his eldest, is also whimpering repeatedly: get a job soon, anything very soon, you understand…. She has proposed to meet tomorrow, outside.  ‘but’… ‘stop this nuisance’.

Is the couple next room making love? All these life-long arrangements are only for a good fuck. Be in love, get a good job and then comes a successful fuck. Making love with Shaymoli …nope, he does not want to think about it now. Rather sleep, sleep, sleep….but he cannot sleep. He thinks but whatever he thinks that leads to girls. When he was at his younger brother’s age, reading in class seven or eight, he had to sleep with his two cousin sisters one night. The room was infamous for hosting jins.

Getting lubricants?

Two cousins laughed for a while.

Using Nura--.

Shut up! Use your finger bitches if so horny.

Younger brother moves his body; does he also fuck in his dreams?

Nurulla could not imagine that only for an innocent proposal of ‘wanna kiss you’ Shaymoli would react so violently with a slap…he was stunned. He found himself dumb-fucked in the lonely corner of the restaurant.

I will go to a brothel, of course, I will; he could only use his uneven voice to utter.

Go to hell!

Eventually, he could not go there and Shyamoli had also been sure of it. Why he could not to go? He became angry and disappointed with himself. Now he will sleep. After a long day without food, he was dog-hungry in the night. Now when the stomach is full he feels sex-urge. Guess his age; and in almost 30 days in a month how many times he finds his penis stoned (guess again); but he gets real erection, ejaculation or about-to-jerk-off situation only in the nights. And now, at this moment, he took a decision that after the first meal tomorrow, he would go to the …..; the only alternative of Shaymoli. ‘How many times you can fuck in a single night?’- he can remember the dialogue read in an African story. Is the couple next room still fucking? Nurulla can feel the restless dancing of his penis. Once he can visualize the fair skin of his student’s mother, he becomes blind, out-of-control, pulling and pressing…. and once the younger brother threw his body and moved away, he found his lungi wet.


Whatever he earns from his tuitions, he gives that to his eldest brother.

Bhaiya, some money, if you can…no need to complete the sentence.

Why? How often you need it?

No, I mean, nothing is in hand now; have an interview today—he keeps on.

The eldest does not give a shit to the last topic: why can’t you say straightforward?

Nurullah got angry. He went out without taking food.

Let’s go.


Forgot about the meeting? Let’s go.

Do you still support us?

Of course! But I have tuition now; my student has an exam to sit….

Nurulla got angry.

Why is he losing his backbone day by day (?!)



No more with Shyamoli. Cut off. The girl will get a better boy tomorrow if not today. Let her get. Your stomach is in the first place only then comes your dick. He is in that condition now; he can realize.

He managed to meet his bosom friend after so many days.

What are the best ways to get away from sex-urges?



The bosom friend smiles: what happens?

Answer me.



Phensydil, after that.

I see.

Put it serially…cocaine, opium, brown sugar, marijuana, heroine…so on….etc…drug… so on…all these… and many others.


Nurrulla got Shaymoli in front of him. He starts to take measurement:

Breast, buttock, buttock again, belly, wet pussy hole….

He will be super brave today…


And then some irked motors howled and pressed their brakes and ran away fast… and a smashed body rests on its back middle in the road.



অনুবাদ,31,আত্মজীবনী,26,আর্ট-গ্যালারী,1,আলোকচিত্র,1,ই-বুক,7,উৎপলকুমার বসু,23,কবিতা,298,কবিতায় কুড়িগ্রাম,7,কর্মকাণ্ড,17,কার্ল মার্ক্স,1,গল্প,54,ছড়া,1,ছোটগল্প,11,জার্নাল,4,জীবনী,6,দশকথা,24,পাণ্ডুলিপি,10,পুনঃপ্রকাশ,13,পোয়েটিক ফিকশন,1,প্রতিবাদ,1,প্রতিষ্ঠানবিরোধিতা,4,প্রবন্ধ,150,বর্ষা সংখ্যা,1,বসন্ত,15,বিক্রয়বিভাগ,21,বিবিধ,2,বিবৃতি,1,বিশেষ,23,বুলেটিন,4,বৈশাখ,1,ভিডিও,1,মাসুমুল আলম,35,মুক্তগদ্য,36,মে দিবস,1,যুগপূর্তি,6,রিভিউ,5,লকডাউন,2,শাহেদ শাফায়েত,25,শিশুতোষ,1,সন্দীপ দত্ত,8,সম্পাদকীয়,16,সাক্ষাৎকার,21,সৈয়দ ওয়ালীউল্লাহ,18,সৈয়দ রিয়াজুর রশীদ,55,সৈয়দ সাখাওয়াৎ,33,স্মৃতিকথা,14,হেমন্ত,1,
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CRISIS : Masumul Alam (Translated by: Shuhrid Shahidullah)
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